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Heroines of Travel

Heroines of Travel Frank Mundell


Heroines of Travel Frank Mundell

Heroines of Travel documents the bravery and fortitude of a number of Victorian- era women who showed that adventure and exciting experiences found in foreign lands were not the exclusive preserve of men. Sometimes travelling solo or as a member of a small group of explorers in all areas of the world, they showed that they too had the strength, determination and indomitable spirit to overcome any obstacle, whether natural or man-made, that was encountered during their adventurous journeys. This and the other books in Frank Mundell's Heroines series, would have shown the girls that in similar or more subtle ways, opportunities for future personal advancement were not exclusively reserved for the boys. This book was one in a series of inspirational texts and heroic writings by the Victorian author Frank Mundell and published by The Sunday School Union. Frank Mundell wrote a significant number of books for children and many of these were distributed and presented to them through their Sunday schools.

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