This edition, puhlished under the auspices of the Society of Middletown Upper Houses, Incorporated, is limited to Si.r Hundred Copies, of which this is Number o o

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Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Middletown Upper Houses, Incorporated



Copyright, 1908, by THE GRAFTON PRESS

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This Volume is respectfully dedicated to


who hears the names of two and is de- scended from others of the Founders of Middletoion Upper Houses, in grateful recognition of her early and constant in- terest in the work for which the Society of Middletown Upper Houses e.xists.


In jSTovember, 1855, a young man left his college halls for the neighboring village of Cromwell where he taught a winter school. In 1860 by marriage he renewed his interest in that community. Returning in 1888 to pass the remaining years of his life in com- parative quiet he gathered up here and there threads connecting those of the day with those of the formative period of this settle- ment. Little by little the interest deepened and broadened until the desire was born to bring together those of other places to where their honored ancestors had lived and died. And with this came the thought to put into permanent form the story of the records kept here and elsewhere. With the reunion in 1903 the plan was broached to publish a volume and the later reunions strengthened and gave effect to this purpose. The sympathy and encourage- ment from many directions have made of the toil a pleasant task. At the age of seventy-two the compiler of these pages has the satis- faction of expressing appreciation of all the assistance which has been rendered by many in many ways.

The Society of Middletown Upper Houses, Incorporated, has not only erected its memorials to Founders, Fathers, Pastors and Patriots, but has given its financial and moral support to the efforts of the compiler and without this aid the preliminary work could not have been brought to the point where the material was ready to go into the hands of the printer and publisher.

It could hardly be possible to make a list of the individuals who have given special assistance in the gathering of material and in the spreading of the spirit of enthusiasm and not overlook some one fully worthy of mention. He has cast his net on all sides and the result is given herewith.

To have had the honor of suggesting the name, unanimously adopted by the town on January the sixth. 1902, for our one fine school edifice, the day it was .first used for school purposes. The Nathaniel White Public School, is more highly prized than would have been the gift of a lucrative office. On the bronze tablet and on the printed page the school children of to-day and of to-morrow will read the names and recall the deeds of those who first settled here and who long ago rested from their labors.

In 1884 a centennial celebration commemorating the first Eng- lish settlement lievond the Germans in the Mohawk vallev was


held at Whitestown, Xew York, when clue honor was paid to Captain Hugh White who, with his sons, went from here in May, 1784, and constituted the first English family to settle in Central ISTew York. The Hon. William Mansfield White, a descendant of Capt. Hugh White who was a descendant of Capt. Nathaniel White, presided, and he uttered this sentiment:

" Eoyal blood is an inheritance. Noble blood, if it begets noble deeds, is a blessing. But above all and beyond all, is the inheri- tance of a pious. God-fearing, God-serving ancestry."

To have been privileged to set forth the records of such an ancestry is its own reward.

Cromwell, Connecticut. New Tear's Day, 1908.


Articles of IncorpoRxVTIon, Society of Middletown Up- per Houses .....••• Life Members of the Society ..... Charter Members of the Society History of Middletown Upper Houses The Society of Middletown Upper Houses

Eeunion of the Society, 1905, including Addresses

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Adams, Arthur Ranney 300

Charles Collard 300

Charles Samuel Grldley 300

Mrs. Elizabeth Gridley 300

Miss Elizabeth Vix-ginia 300

James Mortimer 300

Baisden. Mrs. Martha (Ranney ) 393

Boardman, Arthur '''60

AVm. Francis Joseph 9<3

Bingham, Norton W 186

Brooks, Mrs. Jeannette (Ranney) 260

Lester Ranney 260

Brown, Henry Bascom 79

Butler, Capt. Daniel 517

Cameron, Mrs. Mabel Ward i09

Ward Griswold 108

Chamberlain, Mrs. Mary (Ranney) 261

Chase. Miss Ellen 665

Henry Savage 665

William Leverett 665

Clark, Samuel Wilson and Wife 472

Cummings, Mx-s. Sarah (Chase) 665

Donahoe, Daniel J 96

Doolittle, Charles Ranney ; 532

Rev. Edgar Jared 533

Edgar Jared 533

Eckels, Ransom , 186

Eells. Daniel 727

Dau Parmelee 554

Group at 1738 well 5.55

Rev. Edwards 516

Major Edwax'd 550

Rev. Edwards and Sons 548

Rev. Edwards and Daughters 549

Ralph Smith 551

SamueJ ." 550

Samuel Robert ' 551

Walter Gibbs 5.54

Faxon, Walter Collyer 96

Fisk-Forester, Mrs. Stella 355

Galpin. Henx'y Norris 754

Gaylord, Group 565

Gridley. Dr. Timothy Jones 516

Hall, David Augustus 576




Hart, Ives William 229

John Jay 186

Samuel Ives and Wife 473

Hawes, Mrs. Polly ( Ranuey ) 355

Hough, Mrs. Mary ( Ranney ) 388

Johnson, Rev. James Riley, D. D 617

Jones, Mrs. Zenana Amelia (Ranuey) 228

Kingman, Mrs. Eliza Ann (Rauuey) 354

Mrs. Sarah Amelia (Rauney) 354

Knox, Mrs. Hannah (Ranney) 218

Latimer, Mrs. Anna ( Stocking) 690

Miss Mary Anu 690

L'Hommedieu, Mrs. Elizabeth (Gridley) 301

Lowe, Mrs. Abbie De Ette (Ranuey) 214

Macdonald, James H 761

Meigs, Col. Return Jonathan 56

Merrill, Mrs. Cornelia (Ranney) 300

Morgan, J. Pierpont 547

Parker, Mrs. Clarissa (Rauuey) 355

Porkess, Rev. William 96

Putnam, Gen. Israel 57

Ranney, 11 children of Elijah" 247

13 children of Dr. Waitstill Randolph 251

Abuer* 187

Abuers 215

Alfred Gardner 297

Ambrose Arnold 250

Amos Moore 490

Andrew Jackson and Family 306

Austin Sherman 229

Cassius Wells 215

Cecil J 358

Charles Thomas 450

Clifford Ira 296

Daniel Holland 358

Rev. Darwin Harlow 214

David Gardner 297

David Stocking 389

Earl Eugene and children 187

Ebeuezer Goodhue 246

Rev. Edwin Hiram 389

Eli 218

Eliiah Crawford 246

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilchrist 388

Mrs. Elizabeth Gridley (L'Hommedieu) ,... 300

Franklin Eli 450

Dr. George Emery 358

George Henry 297

Miss Harriet Augusta 219

Harris Guernsev 186

Henrv Clav 271

Golden Wedding Group 3fiS

Henry Eugene 246



Ranney, Henry Joseph 388

Mrs. Ida Louise ( luiiiau ) 219

James <^00

James K. P. aud grandson 494

James Mortimer 300

James Sumner 350

Jesse 350

John 2G1

John Goodhue 187

John Hathorne 194

Rev. Joseph Addison 296

Joseph Addison 296

Miss Julia Isabel 219

Lafayette 358

Lulve 351

Luke Frank 229

Luther Boardman 270

Lvman '■ 218

Dr. Lyman Wells 215

Madison 359

IMoses 388

Nathan Cornelius 292

Oliver 187

Oliver 194

Oliver Franklin 187

Robert Burton 215

Robert Gibonev and Family 307

Royal Gilbert 292

Rufus Percival 271

Salvator Otis 491

Samuel Allen 354

Stei)hen 194

Sullivan 270

Thomas Stow 195

Dr. Waitstill Randolph 250

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Willett Phineas and Wife 451

William, artist 293

William Caton 194

William Keith 389

William Ostrander 494

William W 293

William and Wife 347

Willis 297

Willis Madison 359

Zenas Edwards 393

Rattle, Mrs. Elizabeth and Granddaughtoi- .")r.4

Reunion. Group in 1903 64

Group in 1904 65

G. A. R. in 1904 67

Children in 1904 66

Group in 1907 97

Richardson. Dr. John Henry and Wife 214


Eichardson, Mrs. Sabra Ranney 354

Riley, Capt. James and Wife 616

James Watson 617

William Willshire 617

Roome. Mrs. Virginia ( Stocking) 691

Rossman, Mrs. Nettie ( Ranney ) 219

Sage. Col. Comfort and Wife 628

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Orrin 631

Savage, Henry Russell 51G

Capt. Timothy and Wife 664

Timothy, Jr.. and Wife 6(54

Stanton, Charles Henry 546

Stocking, Rev. C. H. W.. D. D 229

George Byrd 691

George Washburn and Wife 691

Capt. Horace 690

Justus 690

Philo Waslil)urn and Wife 691

Swenson, Mrs. Eliza Susan (Ranney) 346

Treat. Mrs. Julia (Ranney) 218

Miss Mila Hakes 711

Milo Clinton 710

Ward. Austin Merrels 108

Mrs. Delia Bidwell 108

Walden, Mrs. Josephine Idella (Ranney) 3-55

Walkley, Weebster Rogers 78

Wheeler. Frederick Benjamin and Family 495

Mrs. Mabel (Ranney) 495

White. Canvass 725

Charles Merrow 726

Chauncev Howard 732

Edward ' Luther 7.32

Henrv 733

Hugh 725

Mrs. Rebecca (Rannev) 389

William Mansfield 724

William Roland 7.33

Wightman. Mrs. Clarissa (Butler) 517

Rev. Frederick 517

Stillman King 517

Wilcox, Frank Langdon 763

Frederick William 516

Col. .Tonathan Samuel 755

Samuel Curtis 763

William Walter. Sr 762

William Walter. Jr. 762

Williams. Rev. .Joshua Lewis 769

Woodard, James Madison 3.59

Twins 3.59



Atherton. Susan Clark, House of :Mrs 396

Bloomfield— Hall. Deed of 1642 577

Boardman, Jonathan, House of 29

Bronze Tablet 71

Crocker. Zebulon. Monument of Rev 768

Cromwell, 1900, Map of 99

Edwards, David, House of 537

Nathan, Hoiise of 537

Eells, Daniel, House of 588

Edward. Account with Capt. John Warner 548

Edward, Headstone of Major 543

Edward, House of Major 542

Edward, Tablestone of Rev 543

Evangeline, Unveiling of Bronze Tablet, July 19, 1905 70

Nathaniel, Headstone of 542

Gay lord. Samuel. Autograph of 28

Gridley, Samuel, Family Reeoord of 569

Timothy Jones, House of 568

Kelsey, Israel, House of 588

Kirby, Amos, Tavern of 61

Charles, House of 601

Elisha, Hotel of 600

Samuel, House of 601

Prospect Hill, 1835, View from 582

Prout. William, 1720, Drawing by 610

Ranney, Daniel s. Account with Capt. John Warner 149

Ebenezer -. Account with Capt. John Warner 149

Ephraim, Old Tavern of 397

Fletcher. House of 611

George, House of 350

George*, Tombstone of 536

Hannah -, Autographs of heirs of 155

John -. Autograpli of 154

Joseph -. Autograph of 154

Joseph -, Tombstone of 168

Joseph 3, Tombstone of 168

Joseph 3, Trees of 1725 169

Nathaniel, W^ooden Bottle of 589

Dr. Stephen. Commission of 369

Thomas i. Account with Capt. John Warner 148

Thomas -, Account with Capt. John Warner 674

Thomas -, Autograph of ". 154

Thomas i. House of 144

Thomas i. Tombstone of 145

Willett, House of .589

William, Family Monument 392

Sage, Comfort, Family Vault 629

David 1, Tombstone of 749

Ebenezer, Account with Capt. John Warner 148

Elisha, House of 628

William, House of 631

Savage, Abijah, House of 658



Savage, Amos, Powder Horn of 658

Josiah, House of 659

Timothy, House of 659

Shepard, Jared, Great Oak 583

Smith, Abner, House of 675

Isabella, House of Mrs 396

Joseph. Autograph of Rev 28

Society Middletown Upper Houses, Life Certificate 98

Spencer, Samuel, House of 675

Family, Tombstones of 536

Stoughton Coat of Arms 582

House of 1635 582

St. Machar's Cathedral and Cemetery 583

Upper Houses, Group of old 670

Group of old 671

Old views 718

Warner. John, Family record of Capt 169

White, Aaron, House, Hotel Sign and Tombstone of 719

Nathaniel. Facsimile of Will 26

Nathaniel. Tombstone of 749

Nathaniel. Public School 27

Wilcox. Thomas. House of 748

Thomas, Tombstone of 749



BE IT KNOWN, That we, the subscribers, do hereby associate ourselves as a body politic and corporate, pursuant to the statute laws of the State of Connecticut regulating the formation and organization of corporations without capital stock, and the follow- ing are our articles of association:

Article 1. The name of said corporation shall be The Society of Middletown Upper Houses, Incorporated.

Article 2. The purposes for which said corporation is formed are the following, to wit:

To obtain title to and to hold the plot of land on which our memorials do and are to stand; to foster the spirit of reverence' for our ancestors; to hold reunions of our members and of other descendants of families of Middletown Upper Houses; and to gather and to disseminate information historical, genealogical, and biographical concerning Middletown Upper Houses and its families.

Article 3. The said corporation is located in the Town of Crom- well, County of Middlesex, and State of Connecticut.

Dated at Cromwell this 19th day of July, 1905.

S. 0. Eanney, * Charles H. Stanton,

Frank L. Wilcox, Charles Collard Adams, Wm. Eoland White, M. C. Treat.

Names of Subscribers.


State of Connecticut, \ ,^ County of Middlesex, i'^'

Then and there personally appeared S. 0. Eanney, Charles H. Stanton, Frank L. AVilcox, Charles Collard Adams, William Eoland White, and M. C. Treat, signers of the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the same to be their free act and deed, before me,

Arthur Boardman, Approved, July 27, 1905. Notary Public.

Theodore Bodenwein,, Secretary, per A. E. Parsons. State of Connecticut, \ Office of the Secretary. ^

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of record in this office, and of the endorsement of approval thereon.

IN TESTIMONY WHEEEOF, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the Seal of said State, at Hartford, this 27th dav of July, A. D., 1905.

Theodore Bodenwein, Secretary. [seal]




Mrs. Elizabeth Eells Abbott, Clinton, New York.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gridley Adams, Cromwell, Conn.

Mrs. Eli Melville Ashley, Denver, Col.

William Francis Joseph Boardman. Hartford. Conn.

Miss Abby Anna Bradley, Hingham. Mass.

Anson Strong Brooks, Minneapolis, Minn.

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Miss Ellen Chase, Brookline, Mass.

Mrs. Julia Jones Crary. Hooperston, 111.

Ferris Edward Davis. Delhi. N. Y.

Mrs. Mary Eliza Horton Davis, Albany, N. Y.

Edgar Jared Doolittle, Meriden, Conn.

t Melatiah Everett Dwight, D. D.

Ransom Eckels, Arlington, Wash.

Howard Parmelee Eells. Cleveland. O.

Walter Gibbs Eells. Philadelphia. Pa.

Mrs. Walter Collyer Faxon, Hartford, Conn.

Mrs. Stella Fisk-Forester. Taplin, Ida.

* Being those who have contributed ten dollars or more for the work of the Society. t Dead.


Mrs. Lawrence Bertram Flint. Needham, Mass.

Miss Clara Cornelia Fuller, Ossining, N. Y.

Miss Ruth Galpin, Berlin, Conn.

Francis Goodwin, D. D., Hartford, Conn.

James Junius Goodwin, Hartford. Conn.

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Frederick Eli Ranney, Greenville, Mich.

George Emery Ranney, M. D., Lansing, Mich.

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Robert Giboney Ranney, Cape Girardeau. Mo.

Royal Gilbert Ranney. Little York, 111.

Salvador Otis Ranney, Windsor Locks, Conn.

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Willett George Ranney. Cleveland O.

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William James Rattle, Cleveland, O.

John INIack Richardson. Medfield, Mass.

Frederick H. Sage, M. D., Middletown, Conn.

William H. Sage, Albany, N. Y.

Albert Russell Savage, Portland, Me.

Charles Henry Stanton, Clinton. N. Y.

Edgar Blood Stocking, Washington. D. C.

George Washburn, Stocking, Sisterville. W. Va.

Mrs. Ole S. Swenson. Soux Falls. So. Dak.

Milo Clinton Treat, Washington, Pa.

Mrs. Flora Alice Wilcox Turney, Chicago, 111.

Mrs. Hattie Baldwin Wellman. Friendship. N. Y.

Mrs. Mabel Ranney Wheeler. Pittsburg, Kan.



George Luther White, Waterbury, Conn. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth White, Springfield, Mass. Frank Langdon Wilcox, Berlin, Conn. Frederick Peck Wilcox, New York City. George Horace Wilcox, Meriden, Conn. John Keyes Williams, Hartford, Cann. James Madison Woodard. Greenfield. Mass.



William Pratt Abbott Lake Charles, La.

Arthur Ranney Adams, Hartford, Conn.

Artina Marguerite Adams. Hartford, Conn.

Charles Collard Adams, Cromwell, Conn.

Elizabeth Virginia Adams, Cromwell. Conn.

Gridley Adams, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Harriet Boyington Adams, Hartford, Conn.

James Mortimer Adams, Hartford, Conn.

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Mrs. Henry Clay Aldrich, Minneapolis, Minn.

George Allen, Adams, N. Y.

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Romeo Atherton, Livermore, Ky.

Mrs. Harriet E. Bailey, Dunkirk, N. Y.

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t John E. Brandegee.

Mrs. William H. Bridge, Spokane, Wash.

Mrs. Heni-y Bascom Brown, East Hampton, Conn.

Mrs. Margaret Drake Buckingham, Minneiska, Minn.

Mrs. Frederick Burckhardt, Cincinnati, O.

* Being those who have contributed one dollar or more, but less than ten dollars, for the work of the Society.

t Dead.


Lucy P. Bush, New Haven, Conn.

Charles A. Butler, Utica, N. Y.

Mrs. E. L. Campbell, Comstock, N. Y.

James Willett Chamberlain, Akron, Ohio.

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Sylvester AV. Hoffman, Zanesville, O.



Jonathan J. Holland, New Hartford, la.

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New York Historical Society, 170 2d Ave., New York City.

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*Mrs. Emma Snow Puffer.


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Howard A. Ranney. South Hadley, Mass.

James Parham Ranney. McMullen. Mo.

Jennie P. Ranney, Concord, Vt.

Joel Cyrus Ranney, Ames, Kan.

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The Settlement

Hardly had the Puritans been settled in and around Boston than there was a disposition to swarm, after the manner of bees. The Connecticut River had been discovered both by the Dutch and the English. The former established themselves at Saybrook on the west bank of the river at its mouth, and at Hartford on the west bank at a place still called "Dutch Point." In 1633 William Holmes, with a party of colonists, sailed up the river, bringing with them the frame and other materials which they had prepared for erecting a house. When they reached Dutch Point he found that the Dutch had built a light fort and planted two pieces of artillery. Notwithstanding their threats to fire upon him, he passed this fort, proceeded up the river six miles, landed on the west side near the mouth of what is the Farmington River, and erected and fortified his house there. This, it is said, was the first house erected in Connecticut.

During the summer of 1635 others came and planted settlements at Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield. In 1636 the population was increased by the arrival at Hartford of the Rev. Thomas Hooker and his congregation from Cambridge, 100 in all. A con- gregation came from Dorchester to Windsor and another from Watertown to Wethersfield. Courts were early established, the first being held at Hartford, April 26, 1636 ; the second at Wind- sor, June 7, and the third, September 1. These courts consisted of two principal men from each town, and were invested with all the legislative and judicial powers and functions of the colony. The population of the three towns on the river and the garrison at Saybrook had reached about 800 persons.

In 1635 John Winthrop, " Governor of the River Connecticut," had reached Saybrook and built a fort. The Pequot Indians in 1636 laid siege to the fort and killed some of the inhabitants. Thereupon a court was held at Hartford and steps were taken for self-defense which meant the extermination of the Pequot tribe. An expedition of ninety men from the three towns, joined by friendly Mohegans under Uncas, descended the river to Saybrook in 1637, attacked the Pequots at Groton and captured their fort. Those who escaped fled to the westward but were pursued to what is the southwest corner of 'the State and were captured.


In 1638 a settlement was made at New Haven. On the 14th of January, 1639, the free planters of Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield convened at Hartford and adopted a written con- stitution, the preamble of which stated it was to preserve " the libberty and purity of the Gospell and the regulation of civil af- fairs." On the 4th of June, 1639, the free planters of Quinnipiack, or New Haven, met and formed a civil and religious organization. The former was a democracy under the guiding mind of the Eev. Thomas Hooker; the latter was a theocracy under the Eev. John Davenport. In 1639 Milford and Guilford were founded in the colony of New Haven, the one on the east and the other on the west of, and both adjacent to, New Haven. In the same year Fairfield and Stratford were founded under the jurisdiction of Connecticut. In 1639 the commonwealth of Saybrook was founded by Colonel George Fenwick. In 1644 the colony of Connecticut purchased from Colonel Fenwick for £1600 the jurisdictional right in the colony of Saybrook. In 1643 the colonies of Massachusetts, Plymouth, Connecticut and New Haven formed a confederacy for mutual safety under the name of the " United Colonies of New England." IBetween 1640 and 1650 other settlements were made on Long Island Sound.

As a consequence of travel by land and by water between Hart- ford, Windsor and Wethersfield on the north and the settlements on the Sound to the southward a knowledge was obtained of the conditions of the land along the west bank of the Connecticut Eiver. Mattabesett stood on high ground, at the parting of the ways, fourteen miles south of the center of Hartford. To the southeast the Connecticut Eiver made a sharp bend, reaching thirty miles to Saybrook, and along its bank was the primitive road to Saybrook. To the southwest, and through a valley, stretched the primitive roadway to New Haven. In 1639 the General Court of Connecticut made record as follows:

" The menifold insolencyes that have beene offered of late by the Indians, putt the Court in mind of that w'ch hath beene too long neglected, viz. : the execution of justice upon the former murtherers of the English and it was uppon serious consideracon and debate thought necessary and accordingly determine^, that some speedy course be taken herein, and for effecting hereof it was concluded that 100 men be levyed and sent down to Mat- tabesecke, where severall guilty persons reside and have beene harbored by Soheage, notwithstanding all means by way of persuation have beene formerly used to him for surrendering them upp into or hands; and it is thought fit that these coun-


sells be imparted to or friends at Quiunipi [ocke] that prvition may be made for the safety of the new plantaeons, and upon their joynt consent to precede or desist."

Sowheag had resided at Wethersfield, and after selling that tract to the settlers there had removed to " Mattabesecke." Pequots had gone up to Wethersfield, killed six men and three women, had carried away two girls, and had taken refuge with Sowheag at Mattabesett. This tended to increase the trouble, but the New Haven colony did not accept the invitation. In consequence of these disturbances no effort had been made to effect a settlement at Mattabeseck.

October 30, 1646, " Mr. Phelps is appoynted w"^ the Com°^ittee for the planting Matabezeke," a name written in various ways.

''Mar. 20, 1649-50 And Sammuell Smith senior, of Wethers- field, to the Comittee about the lands at Mattabeseck, in the roome of Jeames Boosy." This committee reported that these lands might support fifteen families. From the lower part of Wethers- field, first known as Stepney and now as Rocky Hill, to Middletown proper there was but one place where the land on the bank of the river was suitable for a settlement. This one favorable location had high land from north to south of about one hundred rods, ending in a swamp at the north end, while on the south the land was too low for habitation for a distance of a stretch of two miles to the Sebethe, or Little River, Westward there was .a swamp, making a ridge of one hundred rods in length and eighty rods in width. South of the Sebethe the land is elevated and was most favorably situated for a settlement. Half a mile back from the river rose " Indian Hill " where Sowheag had his wigwams.

In 1650 settlements were begun " north of the riverett," some- times written " riverlet," and also " south of the riverett." The former in the records is termed "the north side." In 1707 SamueP Wilcox bought of George^ Stocking the homestead of the deceased SamueP Stocking, situated in " uper houses."

The general court of 1651 stated:

" It is ordered sentenced and decreed that Mattabeseck shall bee a Towne, and that they shall make choyce of one of theire inhabitants according to order in that case, that so hee may take the oath of a Constable, the next convenient season,

" It is ordered that Mattabeseck and Norwaulk shall be rated this present year in their proporcon, according to the rule of rating in the Country, for theire cattle, and other visible estate, and that ISTorwaakk shall present to Mr. Ludlow, and Mattabe-


seek to Mr. Wells, in each Towne one inhabitant, to bee sworne by them Constables in theire severall Townes."

In 1652 the General Court authorized Thomas Lord of Hart- ford to act in all the towns " both for setting of bones and other- wise, as at all times, occasions and necessityes may or shal require." His fees were fixed. " To any house in Mattabeseck, eight shil- lings."