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Awful disclosures

 By Theodore Dwight, John Jay Slocum

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Full view - 1836 - 376 pages - Fiction

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Edition 3 - 1851 - Full view


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She gave me another piece of information which .-^' excited other feelings in me, scarcely less dreadful. Infants were sometimes born in the convent : but they were always baptized and immediately strangled ! This secured their everlasting happiness...Page 49
She has cast down many wounded ; yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chamber of death ; none that go unto her, return again ; neither take they hold of the paths of life.Page 361
I entered the door, my companions standing behind me, as the place was so small as hardly to hold five persons at a time. The young nun was standing alone, near the middle of the room ; she was probably about twenty, with light hair, blue eyes, and a very fair complexion. I spoke to her in a compassionate voice, but at the same time with such a decided manner, that she comprehended my full meaning. " ' Saint Frances, we are sent for you !' " Several others spoke kindly to her, but two addressed her...Page 99
They then began to laugh at such inhuman thoughts as occurred to some of them, rallying each other in the most unfeeling manner, and ridiculing me for the feelings which I in vain endeavoured to conceal. They alluded to the resignation of our murdered companion, and one of them tauntingly said, " She would have made a good Catholic martyr.Page 103
After spending some moments in such conversation, one of them asked if the corpse should be removed. The Superior said it had better remain a little while. After waiting a short...Page 103
Some stood u,p and jumped upon the poor girl with their feet, some with their knees, and others in different ways seemed to seek how they might best beat the breath out of her body and mangle it, without coming in direct contact with it, or seeing the effects of their violence. During this time, my feelings were almost too strong to be endured. I felt...Page 102
Hypolite was the most diabolical. She engaged in the horrid task with all alacrity, and assumed from choice the most revolting parts to be performed. She seized a gag, forced it into the mouth of the poor nun, and when it was fixed between her extended jaws, so as to keep them open at their greatest possible distance, took hold of the straps fastened at each end of the stick, crossed them behind the helpless head of the victim, and drew them tight through the loop prepared as a fastening. The bed...Page 102
Q. Why are men not to read the New Testament?' 'A. Because the mind of man is too limited and weak to understand what God has written.' These questions and answers are not to be found in the common catechisms in use in Montreal and other places where I have been, but all the children hi the Congregational Nunnery were taught them, and many more not found in these books.Page 18
I felt stupified, and scarcely was conscious of what I did. Still, fear for myself remained in a sufficient degree to induce me to some exertion, and I attempted to talk to those who stood next, partly that I might have an excuse for turning away from the dreadful scene. After the lapse of fifteen or twenty minutes, and when it was presumed that the sufferer had been smothered, and crushed to death, Father Bonin and the nuns ceased to trample upon her, and stepped from the bed. All was motionless...Page 103
The appearance of sanctity and heavenly mindedness which they had shown among us novices, I found was only a disguise to conceal such practices as would not be tolerated in any decent society in the world; and as...Page 151

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